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02.-04.11.2018., Zagreb, Croatia


We have organized a delivery of tasty and balanced lunches for our weekend. If you would like to order a lunch, please, make it until Tuesday, on 30th of October at latest.

You can find all information and order lunch here.

Venue and Directions

Address: Češka Beseda, Šubićeva 20 (Ulica Pavla Šubića), 10 000 Zagreb


From the Main Square (Ban Jelacic Square)

1.Take a tram number 17 or or  a tram number 1 (direction „Borongaj“)

2.Get off at the 3rd station (Šubićeva)

3. When you exit the tram go to Šubićeva (ulica Pavla Šubića)  on the left for about 200 meters.

From Main train station

1. Take a tram number 9 (direction “Borongaj”)

2. Get off at the 4th station (Šubićeva)

3. When you exit the tram go to Šubićeva on the left for about 200 meters.

From Central bus station

1.Take a tram number 5 (direction “Maksimir”)

2. Get off at the 3rd station (Šubićeva)

3. When you exit the tram go to Šubićeva (ulica Pavla Šubića) on the left for about 200 meters.

From the Airport

Zagreb’s Franjo Tuđman Airport is about 19km from the city center. You can take a taxi (15-20 Euro), airport bus service „Pleso prijevoz“ or a ZET bus.

Transportation in Zagreb

Taking a Bus

The scheduled airport shuttle “Pleso prijevoz” is operating between airport and the Zagreb Central Bus Station

You can find the schedule here.

This shuttle service is organized in such a way that it follows airport timetable.

All additional information’s regarding shuttle timetable and tickets you can find at the website

Taking a Taxi

The taxi stand for arriving passengers will be available at the passenger’s terminal, located in the vicinity of the Ground Floor, Arrivals level of the terminal.
Please follow signs for Taxi.  (Price is about 35€) directly to Šubićeva street.

Calling a Taxi in Zagreb

See the starting price, every kilometer, and which taxi is easiest to get on weekends when it is crowded.

Taxi Cammeo

Taxi Cammeo said the prices are always the same, regardless of whether they are driving at night, weekend or feasts, and stressed that the satisfaction and positive experiences of Taxi Cammeo users are considered top priorities.

Taxi Cammeo price list:

  • start: 15 kuna
  • every kilometer traveled: 6 kuna (the first two kilometers are free)
  • one hour waiting time: 40 kuna.

The toll-free telephone number of the taxi service in Zagreb is +385 1212.

Or you can download a Cammeo taxi order application:

Radio Taxi Zagreb

Radio Taxi Zagreb is an expert-business organization that carries out the activity of transport with over a thousand vehicles in public transport.

Radio Taxi Price list:

  • start: 10 kuna
  • every kilometer traveled: 6 kuna
  • 1 hour waiting time: 40.00 kuna

You can order a Radio Taxi Order from the internet form on their home page ( or call + 385 1777.

Eco Taxi

Eco Taxi is known for its great importance in protecting the environment. They claim that their vehicles contribute to the reduction of harmful gases “because they emit 50 percent less carbon dioxide than other vehicles that run on fossil fuels.”

The price list of Eko Taxi, included in the price, is as follows:

  • start: 8.80 kuna
  • every kilometer traveled: 6 kuna
  • 1 hour waiting: 43 kuna

Eco Taxi can be ordered by telephone:  +385 1414 and 060 77 77, as well as via the form on the official website (

Rent-a-car services

  • Alamo, National, Enterprise
  • Oryx
  • Hertz
  • Ride Car + Filipović (2 different operators in one counter)
  • Fleet
  • Avant
  • Dollar & Thrifty
  • Goldcar & Rhodium
  • Avis & Budget
  • Nova & Right cars
  • Active
  • UniRent
  • Last Minute
  • Europcar
  • SIXT


ZET (Zagreb Electric Tram) introduced new bus line starting from March 28th 2017.

Within the 19 kilometres long route it will cover two tariff zones and will stop at total of 20 stations.
Departures are scheduled every 35 minutes. First departure on weekdays and Saturdays from Kvaternik Square is at 04:20AM and on Sundays at 05:20AM, while the last departure from Velika Gorica is every day at 00:15AM:  ZET Line 290 Timetable

Than take a tram number 17 (Jarun direction) or 9 (Savski most direction) or 1 (Zapadni kolodvor direction) . (Station is on Zvonimirova street 2 min walk). Get off at the 2nd station (Šubićeva). And you are here.

There are 2 kinds of tickets, paper and digital cards.  Paper tickets can be bought from the driver in the vehicle, at retail ZET outlets or at almost every tobacco shop.  Digital cards can be bought at retail ZET outlets or at almost every tobacco shop (TISAK), except Multi-day digital cards, which can be purchased exclusively at ZET retail places. To travel first or second tariff zone in daily traffic, tickets are available at a cost of 4 HRK with validity up to 30 minutes, as well as paper tickets for 10 HRK which are valid for 90 minutes. Unlike Digital cars individual or paper ticket is valid only for driving in one direction and needs to be reset when entering the vehicle. Devices for registration of  paper tickets are located near the first door of the vehicle, and in the low-floor trams at last the door as well.

Individual tickets in daily traffic: (Validity 90 minutes)

10,00 kn

Individual tickets in daily traffic: (Validity 30 minutes)

4,00 kn

Individual tickets in night traffic: (Validity 90 minutes)

15,00 kn

Digital card is the best choice for travelers who occasionally use public transport in Croatia. It is valid for all zones and lines, and can be transmitted to other users.

Upon entering the vehicle, the digital card is needed to lean on the device to register. Payment transfer in the the value of  10 kuna allows users to ride the tram, bus and funicular, regardless of the direction of travel, 90 minutes in the first zone.

A single card for the price of 10 kuna, and is available for travel to another zone, during 90 minutes.

In each zone must have a card, but for shorter trips in first or second tariff zone in daily traffic, is available the card with the price of 4,00 HRK with validity up to 30 minutes.

On the  register device it is necessary to choose in advance the purchase of the ticket and lean a card. Leaning digital cards without first selecting a half-hour ticket on the device display, or some other option, reduces the amount of the regular ticket from 10 kuna for travel in one zone. If a ticket for driving at a cost of 4 kuna and with validity of 30 minutes, continues to travel the second line, when entering the vehicle registration is enough to lean on the card for this anticipated device.

The most expensive card is when you buy it in the tram or in the bus, then it is 15 HRK. 

Special attention should be paid to the previously used credit during the trip, and the remaining course of the validity of the ticket, because the card resources diminish if the time for travel from previous registration expired.

The card price is 10 kuna, and you can purchase digital cards at retail outlets ZET or contractual partners (such as almost every tobacco shop, especially TISAK; I-NOVINE), the customer determines the amount of charge, up to a maximum of 1,000 kuna, available to pay for transportation services. The digital card can be used for paying a transportation for more people or pay an all-day ride.

Day-ticket is 30 kuna, and is valid for travel Zagreb area, and the first tariff zone.

 By purchasing multi-day tickets, transport service users pay for pre-selected time period on the basis of 3, 7, 15 or 30 days, with unlimited travel by tram, bus and funicular, within the first tariff zone ZET, both day and nighttime traffic.

Daily ticket:

30,00 kn

Multi-day tickets:

3 day

70,00 kn

7 day

150,00 kn

15 days

200,00 kn

30 days

400,00 kn

Multi-day tickets can be purchased exclusively at ZET retail places. Users value cards are required to sign up at each entrance to each vehicle by tapping the card with the device to register. After logging on the device screen will be displayed information about the validity of the ticket. The value map resources will be reduced only if the previous registration expired time for travel.











7.30 – 14.50

12.00 – 19.20





7.00 –  21.00

8.00 – 15.50

Accommodation in Zagreb


Draškovićeva 70, 10 000 Zagreb

Petrova 1, 10 000 Zagreb

Kvaternikov trg, 10 000 Zagreb

offers range of well appointed and elegantly decorated apartments in Zagreb that suit all budgets

max in apartment 5 persons

price 65-90 Eur/per night/per apartment,

Radićeva 3, max in apartment 4 persons

near the the main square

price 50 eur per night/one person – 80 eur per night/4 persons

exclusive apartmans in city center

max in apartment 8 persons

price 90-200 Eur/per night/per apartments

Zig Zag apartments’ location offers easy access within the reasonable walking distance to vast majority of city’s attractions

price 80-110 EUR/per night/per apartment

30 meters from the main square




Pavla Hatza 10

Price: from 14 eur per person/per night


Vlaška 63

Price: from 17 eur per person/per night


Vlaška 92

Price: from 17 eur per person/per night


Chillout hostel is located in the heart of zagreb, only 1 min walk along the main street (ilica) from the main square (trg bana josipa jelačića). the address is Tomićeva 5A.


Hostel in center, just a minute from the main street and main square in Zagreb


Petrinjska 77

Price: from 15,70 euro per person/per night

in the center of the city


Radićeva 3a

Price: 19,50 eur per person/per night

in the center of the city


Tkalčićeva 37

Price: 19,50 eur per person/per night ( room with 8 beds)


Tkalčićeva 82

Price: 15 eur per person/per night ( room with 6 beds)

in the center of the city


Andrije Medulića 4

Price: 18 eur per person/per night (rooms with 12 beds)

in the center of the city


Skalinska 2a

Price: 20,81 eur per person/per night (for rooms with 4 or 6 beds)

in the center of the city


Rendićeva 28B

Price: 18,35 per person/per night

Zagreb Recommendations


(not all of these are open on Sundays) 

ZRNO Bio Bistro – vegeterian and macrobiotic restaurant with ORGANIC ingredients, great desserts and drinks

Medulićeva 20, from 12h to 21:30h,

+385 (0)1 4847 540

VEGE HOP – delivery – vegetarian food, good price

They have a stand, in the Shopping centar «Cvjetni» – you go across the street onto the square with lots of coffee places and flowers market, and on the right side there is a H&M shop, in there, on the -1 floor there is their stand with vegeterian sandwiches, salads, healthy desserts and juices!

Restaurant place: Vlaška 79
+385 (0)91 4649 400

GREEN POINT vegeterian burgers, wraps, fruit shakes and juices and smoothies, wok, salads

Varšavska 10

Taco’s & Burger Barr, Restaurant – Best burgers in town, delicious food ,very nice and kindly staff. Small fast food.

Jurišićeva ul. 2A,

+385 (0)91 766 4438

MUNDOAKA – Food with heart and soul – great place, need to book mostly!

Petrinjska 1, +385 (0) 1 7888 777

Resturant BOBAN central, nice cosy ambient, local dishes and italian food

Ulica Ljudevita Gaja 9

+385 (0)1 48 11 549

BULLDOG XL  – cafe:pub-food – outdoor terrace and inside

Bogovićeva ulica 3

GOOD FOOD – salads, wraps, sendwich

Teslina 7

+385 (0)1 4811 302


Takenoko – excellent fancy japanese restaurant

Masarykova ul. 22,

+385 (0)1 6463 385

Open · 11AM–1AM

ORANŽ  – cafe and food, salads, toasts, quiches and sweets

Ilica 7

KAVA TAVA – breakfast, drinks, good coffee

Tkalčićeva 12

VELVET – great ambient, bistro food, cakes, drinks

Dežmanova 9, +385 (0)1 4846 744

ELISCAFFE – best coffee and just coffee

Ilica 63

Restoran NOKTURTNO – tratorria, pizza, salads – good prices

Skalinska 4

MALI BARMediterranean, Tapas, Contemporary, Croatian food

Vlaška 63

+385 ( 0)1 553 1014

KARIJOLA – great pizza

Vlaška 63, ( above Mali bar )

+385 (0)1 55 31 016

MEET MIA – desserts and sandwiches

Vlaška ul. 43, 10000, Zagreb,

+ 385 (0)91 445 5122

ZERO ZERO-pizza and pasta

Vlaška 35

+385 01 8897 000

VINCEK SLASTIČARNICA – Pastry Shop-desserts and great ice cream

Ilica 18

+385 (0)1 4833-612

Vis à Vis by VINCEK Pastry Shop-

all the cakes and pastries are gluten-free, and only brown sugar, stevia and agave syrup are used as sweeteners

Tomićeva 2

Choco Bar Bonbonnière KRAŠ- Pastry and Choco Shop-desserts, ice cream, original, handmade filled chocolates and confectionery

Ilica 15

+385 (0)1 4876 362


BIO&BIO SHOP – great variety of health food, organic sandwiches and cakes, vegetables and fruits, food suplements

Ilica 70 , +385 (0)1 4848 085

 MULLER – health food, drogerie, parfums, fashion, toys, stationary store

Trg bana Jelačića 8

+ 385 (0)1 489 3150


LAUBA – museum with restaurant

Baruna Filipovića 23a, +385 (0)1 6302 140

Museum of broken relationships

Ćirilometodska ulica 2, +385 (0)1 4851 021

Museum of Contemporary Art

Avenija Dubrovnik 17, +385 (0)1 6052 700

 Zagreb City Museum

Opatička 20, in the Upper Town,

+385 (0)1 4851 361

Galerija Klovićevi dvori- Exhibition- Masters of the Italian baroque in Croatia

Jezuitski trg 4, + 385 (0)1 4851 926



Amongst many face and body beauty treatments, they offer massages and have a beautiful SPA zone, for up to 6-8 people with Finnish and Infra-red Sauna and Jacuzzi

In the very center of Zagreb, Ilica 15, 1st floor, +385 (0)1 4831 541

BEAUTY MEDICAL CENTER MURAD-in Sheraton hotel- spa&wellnes, cosmetic treatmans, massages, gym, aerobic, consultation, saunas, pool

Trpimirova 2,  +385 (0)1 5390 555