April 2020

“The teaching of chaos is to constantly seek the opposite and accept the contradictions. When you’re feeling joy, tune into your sorrow. Shen you’re feeling writer’s block, keep your hand moving on the page. When you’re feeling rushed, move more slowly. When you’re paralyzed with fear, crank up the volume and dance.” GABRIELLE ROTH

Dear all,
these are truly weird, challenging and interesting times. At least that is how I see it on some days. On other days it seems to me that everything is the same and “normal” and cool. On some other days I do not know what do to with myself and I literally have fewer and fewer options where to physically go (especially in the apartment), I am bursting at the seams, which I was not even aware I had, and both my darkest and brightest parts are showing up. Also, there are days when life surprises me once again: tulips blooming on the balcony, my son’s creativity intensifying even more during the quarantine, joy when I feel the wind and rain on my face during a walk which I give myself as a gift, the feeling of unity at the time when we should distance from each other. 
Losing my job hit me the hardest because for me it is not just a job, it is my calling, my destiny. It is where I am the most creative, free, and present. When I began to learn how to keep doing what I love doing but now online, there was so much fear, resistance, stress, headache, so many questions and at the same time there was so much help from my colleagues from all over the world, so much support from the 5Rhythms Global (Jonathan and Morgan). There was so much understanding from the dancers who attended my first online classes which had many problems and yet there was so much synergy and the feeling of being connected through the dance in them. So I keep expanding the boundaries of my comfort zone and I keep learning through these experiences. I would like to thank those of you who keep reminding me to give myself a hug here and there in this process! 
I suppose that some of you will find the option of an online class that we offer, challenging. That is why we have tried really hard to put together detailed instructions for you. It is important to read them and read them again and then try them out and ask for help when and where it is needed (Google, you tube, experts or us). Nevertheless, there could be things that are unclear or new, weird or unfamiliar to you. If you think it is stupid to participate in a class through your computer or impossible to feel like a part of a group in this way, try to have your own personal experience instead of an assumption which may or may not turn out to be true.
So far in running classes online I have received so much deeply touching feedback – ranging from seeing a children or a partner joining who had been refusing to go to workshops for years, or pets join in out of the blue in most cases, to being surprised by the feeling of connection and feeling held by music and the teaching. These online classes are also making it possible to gather together in the same “place and time” from so many different countries, and for me it feels like you all are being guests in my living room for that one hour!
And in the same time, I hope you can allow yourself  to go even deeper in stillness and silence, and being your own best company. As the streets of our cities are empty, this feels like a good time to empty our mind in any way possible. 
Whatever you choose, whatever is possible for you now…
Step by step…
Love, Silvija