August 2019


“Unless we value our feet as much as our frontal lobes, we’ll end up disembodied talking heads with no rhythm, no root.” GABRIELLE ROTH


In Flowing I move with my feet following the empty space, following my own pace, following my own destiny on the journey to ecstasy.
In Flowing I rest my body on the ground, loving myself all around.
In Staccato I move with my hips connected with my heart and turn my suffering into art. I walk my talk and commit to the dance that takes me into trance. 
In Staccato I rest my heart in the beat, tired of being in the back seat.
In Chaos I move with my head and all it’s mess, surrendering to being work in progress. I release the stress of wanting to impress and I am on my knees praying for some ease.
In Chaos I rest my mind in the present moment and finally there is no comment.
In Lyrical I move with my hands and watch how my soul expands. The key is total fascination and disappearing in  life’s vibration.
In Lyrical I rest my soul in the spaces in between and in nature’s green.
In Stillness I move with my breath, as it is a matter of life and death. I am building the muscles of my awareness and devote my whole body to become spirit’s mistress. 
In Stillness I rest my spirit in the moonlight, remembering that dance is my birthright.
 With love, Silvija