November 2019

Posted by Silvija Tomčik on  November 20, 2019

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FLOWING:I want to feel safe when my feet touch the floor. I want to relax the weight of my body into the earth, into my steps and our common circles. I want to get comfortable within my own body, to feel my soft inside adjusting itself to feel as comfortable as possible.STACCATO:I raise my head up to let our eyes meet. I draw the boundaries with my elbows, I center my attention with my hips, I

October 2019

Posted by Silvija Tomčik on  October 13, 2019

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What if emotions I feel are here to tell me something? What would they be communicating to me? Sometimes they are whispering, sometimes they are stuttering  sometimes they are mumbling, sometimes they are screaming…Fear: “Feel your feet on the ground. Listen to your gut feeling. Open your eyes. Trust your senses. What are your options? What are your resources? You have a voice even if it is shaking. You can back up. You can leave. You can

September 2019

Posted by Silvija Tomčik on  September 6, 2019

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One of the crucial things that I have been learning by practicing the 5 Rhythms is how to live with changes. Changes in the body, emotional changes, changing directions, changing roles, changing seasons…I still remember, after having taught the Rhythms as such for some time, how I shifted my focus to teaching about transitions from one rhythm to the next. I remember, after many years of dancing, the moment when I realised in my gut,

August 2019

Posted by Silvija Tomčik on  September 6, 2019

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In Flowing I move with my feet following the empty space, following my own pace, following my own destiny on the journey to ecstasy.In Flowing I rest my body on the ground, loving myself all around. In Staccato I move with my hips connected with my heart and turn my suffering into art. I walk my talk and commit to the dance that takes me into trance. In Staccato I rest my heart in the beat, tired

July 2019

Posted by Silvija Tomčik on  July 9, 2019

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What are summer holidays for me? What type of holidays do I want and what do I need to rest from? I am fed up with holidays from which I come back home tired. I want summer holidays which offer balance that I am trying to achieve in my everyday life. Time to be in the sun and time to sit in the shade. Time to be in the sea and time to sit and look at the greenery.